Back in 2003 after having spent the year before reading Sarah Ban Breathnach's book "Simple Abundance" I took her suggestion to heart and wrote my own daily devotional. Each day I took a line or two from one of the various spiritual authors from the last three centuries I was reading and wrote my own thoughts on the subject. I then looked for a scripture that illustrated the truth that had been revealed to me. What follows is the result.

"Our greatest bondage is to have our own way; our greatest freedom is to let God have His way." Warren Wiersbe

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28

“The ‘old self’ must be put off if the new self is to reign.  But both the putting off and the putting on must be done by faith.....I believe faith is the creative force of the universe.”  Hannah Whitall Smith, Daily Secrets, 9/17

As I pondered Hannah’s words I imagined what would happen if every preacher in the world began preaching about faith until their congregations “got it”.  Every Sunday would be on the subject of faith---how to acquire it and how to use it. Every Bible study would be on putting off the old self and putting on the new self by faith.  Many churches do emphasize that salvation is by faith but then go on with works as their emphasis.  Why is this?  I think it’s because we still want some control over our lives and this is a way to have it and still look spiritual.  I say this not in judgment, but with compassion because this is my greatest struggle.  Mankind is so steeped in this it cannot see it even for a moment.  Every religion other than Christianity preaches man’s part in his salvation.  His righteousness is up to himself--he will be judged by his works.  Jesus Christ preached freedom from all this, yet so many of us reject this in the name of “doing good”.  Besides the need to be in control I think another element of this for some people is their need to fit in and to be liked.  We are so insecure because we have not traded in our old selves for the new self.  But glory be to God!  By faith alone we can experience the freedom that Jesus paid for with His life.  Are you ready to accept it?

“And without faith it is impossible to please him.  For whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.”  Hebrews 11:6

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