Back in 2003 after having spent the year before reading Sarah Ban Breathnach's book "Simple Abundance" I took her suggestion to heart and wrote my own daily devotional. Each day I took a line or two from one of the various spiritual authors from the last three centuries I was reading and wrote my own thoughts on the subject. I then looked for a scripture that illustrated the truth that had been revealed to me. What follows is the result.

"Our greatest bondage is to have our own way; our greatest freedom is to let God have His way." Warren Wiersbe

Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2

“Let us accustom ourselves to pity the faults of men and to be truly sorry for them and then we shall take no pleasure in publishing them.  This common humanity requires of us, considering the great infirmities of human nature, and that we ourselves also are liable to be tempted.”  William Crouch to his children, Daily Readings from Quaker Writings footnote:  Wm. Crouch: Day by Day: Being a Compilation from the Writings of Ancient and Modern Friends, Wm. H. Chase, Dennis Bros. Auburn, NY, 1869 p. 26)
This one statement may have the greatest effect on me I think because of the acknowledgment I felt upon reading it.  It was both an indictment and a desire.  An indictment because of the guilt I carry and a desire because of the guilt I carry.  It is interesting that I should write that both are motivated by guilt.  I had not planned on doing so, but in desiring to write strictly from my heart, this is what appeared.  I am guilty of “publishing” other’s faults.  I do this, of course, in order to “make my case” against them as I “defend” my own behavior.  My desire not to do this any longer is what is more important to me.  Wanting to stop a bad behavior because it makes me feel guilty is human, but wanting to stop a bad behavior because I desire to is quite another.  This desire can only be born of God in me--the desire to do what is right and to be more pleasing to God.  This is the kind of guilt that lifts me up and moves me forward.  This is why I believe that God does in fact use the desires of our hearts to grow us up into Him.  It is how He directs us and reveals His Will to us.  

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”  Matthew 5:8


  1. I too find it hard to not lose my temper when provoked. I tend to lash out against whomever is hurting me emotionally. My prayer today is to be more forgiving & humble as Jesus would be. Thank you for this reminder Sis! I love you! Sandy

    1. I never thought of finding fault with others as losing my temper since my outward demeanor remains calm, but your comment has helped me to see that my internal demeanor is anything but calm. I immediately lose my joy and while I may not show it, I have indeed lost my temper.